Project Section: Improving Healthcare in Armenia

Welcome to the Project Section of the AMWC2025 Congress webpage! This section is dedicated to participants (individuals, institutions, organizations) who are passionate about driving positive change and innovation in the healthcare landscape of Armenia. We invite submissions of projects aimed at improving healthcare delivery, enhancing patient outcomes, and addressing healthcare challenges in Armenia.

Projects are accepted for consideration if they meet the following criteria. 

  • The scope of the project relates to one or more of the areas of medicine outlined below: palliative care, surgical or pharmaceutical treatments, inpatients and outpatient care, diagnostic tools, primary and secondary prevention programs, global organization of the healthcare, medical education/research. 
  • The results of the project implementation in the form of strategic programs, services or products will significantly affect the quality and volume of similar services/products if available in Armenia nowadays. 

The project has already advanced from the project idea stage. 

  • A project team has been formed. 
  • An analysis and assessment of the demand and supply of services/products offered within the project was carried out on the Armenian market. 
  • An analysis of the current legislation in Armenia related to the project’s activities was carried out for restrictions and support. 
  • The financial model of the project has been calculated if applicable. 
  • The organizational and corporate structure of the project has been determined. 
  • Identified sources, necessary resources and methods of support for project implementation. 
  • The project implementation schedule has been determined.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Project Description: Provide a comprehensive description of your project, including its objectives, methodologies, and expected outcomes. Whether it’s a community health initiative, a technology-driven solution, or a policy proposal, clearly articulate how your project aims to address healthcare needs in Armenia.
  • Implementation Plan: Outline your plan for implementing the project. Detail the steps involved, resources required, timeline, and any partnerships or collaborations necessary for successful execution.
  • Impact Assessment: Discuss the potential impact of your project on healthcare outcomes, patient care, and the overall healthcare system in Armenia. Highlight any anticipated benefits and how your project contributes to the advancement of healthcare in the region
  • Innovation and Scalability: Emphasize the innovative aspects of your project and its potential for scalability and sustainability. Whether it introduces novel approaches, leverages technology, or fosters community engagement, demonstrate how your project can be replicated or adapted to address similar healthcare challenges.
  • Submission Format: Fill the form here.

Project Timeline:

  • Submission Deadline: August 31, 2024
  • Project Pitching: September 1 – October 31, 2024
  • Project pre-launch: November 1, 2024 – July 3, 2025

Review Process:

All submitted projects will undergo a thorough review process by an independent panel of experts in healthcare, innovation, and public health. Projects will be evaluated based on their relevance, feasibility, impact potential, innovation, and scalability.

Recognition and Awards:

Selected projects will have the opportunity to be showcased during dedicated sessions at the AMWC2025 Congress. Additionally, outstanding projects will be supported accordingly to the particular needs by the corresponding shakeholders.

Join Us in Making a Difference:

We invite you to be a part of this collective effort to drive positive change and innovation in Armenian healthcare. Submit your projects today and join us in shaping the future of healthcare delivery and patient care in Armenia.

We look forward to receiving your innovative project submissions!